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We offer our clients expertise across ALL paid media channels from the most traditional to digital-centric to emerging

In today's complicated and ever-changing media landscape, we believe it is imperative that a media agency be able to offer its clients in-house expertise across the broad spectrum of paid media options. This allows for media channel recommendations that are in lockstep with our clients' campaign objectives and target audience media usage behaviors rather than being influenced by the channels the media agency has expertise in.


It's a digital world, and our capabilities and expertise certainly reflect that, but we don't make any pre-determined assumptions in developing the right media strategy for our clients. We embrace the fact that the recommended media channels, digital and/or traditional, must be driven by our clients' media objectives and how their unique target audiences consume media. There are no "one size fits all" solutions at 十大菠菜台子 Media. Each plan is carefully shaped and tempered by analytics and data along with judgment and creativity to deliver strategically powerfully effective recommendations.


The digital revolution has led to an explosion of data options, some of it quite useful, some of it not so much. We believe regardless of the media channels being used, all media recommendations must be data-informed versus data-driven. A data-informed approach allows us to harness the true power of data rather than simply being reactive to it. We work closely with our clients to sort through the sea of available information to find the right set of data to be leveraged and help inform our recommendations on the front-end, optimize the success of campaigns once they have been activated, and determine the level of success of campaigns on the back-end.


十大菠菜台子 Media believes in the power of relationships. We’re known as tough, but fair negotiators. Sales reps are treated as partners in the process because we know that their active participation in achieving our clients’ desired objectives results in more effective programs for our clients. We always push for added value enhancements that bring extra momentum to the media plan, enhancing its effectiveness and ROI.


After the media schedule runs, the 十大菠菜台子 Media team keeps on running. Let’s say we have agreed upon a sound plan. It has been negotiated, purchased and executed to perfection. Your campaign is getting noticed everywhere. Is it time to clink champagne glasses and wait for results?

More like a time for us to get back to work. Your media allocation is often the single largest line item in your marketing budget. It deserves meticulous oversight to ensure it is delivered as negotiated and is pacing properly. We’re sticklers when it comes to safeguarding your investment.


十大菠菜台子 Media is proud to have earned official Partner Agency status with Google. This partnership gives us direct access to Google’s team of experts and suite of cutting-edge digital planning tools, first-looks at Paid Search opportunities, access to beta features, and ensures that our staff is fully certified in all Google ad products and platforms.

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